Jan 26, 2014

Learning Lab - Creativity Project...Book Lamps!

Pick out 3-5 hard cover books:

Drill a 1/2" hole center/slightly off center in each book:

Glue covers and pages throughout each book and clamp:

Push hollow pipe through each book, gluing books together as you go:

Cut a straight groove on the bottom book with an exacto knife to allow the lamp power cord to lay flush:

Thread lamp cord through pipe and cut to desired length:

Secure socket housing:

Strip wire and attach to socket. Secure your socket housing:

Add lamp frame and bulb:


Add lamp shade and enjoy:

Dec 21, 2013

A Visual History of Social Media

Social Media - A History
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Dec 18, 2013

Hour of Code was Hours of FUN!


In Billings the Technology  Integration Specialists organized an event for the Hour of Code promoted by code.org. Being the over-achievers they are, they planned hours of fun, prizes, coding and pizza for Billings students in grades 4-6.

Although the registration was limited to 50 participants, over 60 actually registered and there was a waiting list! This event was on a Saturday! Who knew there were that many students interested in learning about programming and computer science! We also had volunteers from local businesses like Computers Unlimited, KOA, and XXXX. The district's programmers and IT people also volunteered their time to work with the students  and showed them the environment they work in...it was so cool!

Two favorite programs among the students were Scratch and Tynker. We even had one student write code to create an app using MakeGamesWith.Us. So much talent and creativity amongst our students!

The Hour of Code for Billings was a huge success and there is already plans to expand this type of offering for our students in the future. Amazing!

Hour of Code on PhotoPeach

Six year olds can code:
This week in Courtney Niemeyer's classroom, her 1st graders were using Scratch from MIT to code. They were all excited to work with the Angry Birds scene. Check out the text I got from her the day they were working.