Jan 19, 2009


 Meet my sub for tomorrow:
(push play to make her talk...)
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I'd like to introduce you all to my Voki--a spitting image of what I wish I looked like...  Actually this does look just like my classroom, because this really is my classroom! A cool feature of my little research project is that you can upload your own backgrounds.  It wasn't difficult to do--it actually only took a few minutes. You can even record your own voice (...I was just shy).

Can you help me think of ways that this could be used with our kiddos?


Roger D. said...

I can see the kids creating their own Voki and then having it give a report to the class or as a different way to publish a writing piece. Of course, I wish we could use these on the days we weren't feeling up to teaching...


Desiree Caskey said...

Roger... I know a 2nd grade teacher that has been using the Voki to do her morning announcements to the class. This way she has a bit of free time for herself to get organized. I think it is a cool idea.


Ann Brucker said...

What if you really ever did have a sub, and realized from the cozy depths of your blankies that there was something you needed to tell your class (or the sub)... You could send a real (virtual) message! hmmmm.... still pondering this one.

Dorie said...

My two grandchildren (age 4) love making their own Vokis when they come to grandma's house. After creating one my granddaughter loves to sing for it; my grandson loves to turn it into a "report." This is perfect for primary students to practice fluent reading or giving a report.