Apr 13, 2009

Podcasts of Note

Here are some podcasts that teachers have explored and shared:

Elementary Teachers Like:
  • Ask an Astronomer
  • IMax - Under the Sea...3rd Grade and up
  • Reading Rockets - Meet the Author...3rd Grade and up
  • KidCast - Ideas for using podcasts in the classroom
  • Electronic Field Trips...K-12
  • Animal Planet Video Podcast (has face offs between 2 animals and idioms)
  • Learn Basic Math
  • Discover Channel Everglades...4th Grade
  • Nature | PBS
  • Super WHY! | PBS Kids
  • Sesame Street

MS & HS Teachers Like:

  • ABC News (20/20, Nightline, Nature's Edge, President Obama's Weekly Address)
  • CBS News (60 minutes, Face The Nation, Washington Unplugged)
  • CNN Student News
  • Discovery Networks (Science Channel, Space, Health, Animal Planet)
  • How Stuff Works
  • 60 Second Scientist (Scientific American)
  • 60 Second Earth (Scientific American)
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class
  • iTunes U: Holocaust Days of Remembrance
  • iTunes U: Medical Center Health Hour
  • iTunes U: Ohio - Going Green
For Professional Growth:
  • TEDTalks
  • Photography 101
  • Teachers Teaching Teachers
  • Teaching American History Podcast
  • November Learning Podcast
  • Class Acts: Ideas for Teaching Reading & Writing
  • Teaching Tips by Teachtopia

There are too many great podcasts to list here...what are your favorite? Please comment with the exact name of the podcast so the rest of us can find it easily.


Joy said...

Another great podcast is called Wild Chronicles by National Geographic.

Ms. Kress said...

My absolute favorite is NPR's StoryCorps. The problem is I always end up crying. NPR's Health and Science is usually pretty good too.

Jason Neiffer said...

At risk of repeating:

I subscribe to a large number of Podcasts although I don't listen to a few regularly, saving many (most?) for car trips and such.

I teach history, so there are a few that are amazing:

NPR Story of the Day and NPR World Story of the Day are great as they can provide interesting bits to share with students later.

NewsPod from the BBC is a 30 minute collection of the best stories each day from the BBC.

Almost every major news program now Podcasts their wares: MSNBC, CNN and Fox News all have daily podcasts with their content.

For professional development, I am very partial to the EdTechTalk podcasts: http://edtechtalk.com/ They were pioneers in edtech podcasting and their many shows provide a great look at educational technology integration from a number of perspectives.

Capital HS :)