Mar 16, 2010

Day 7: Exploring Google Earth

Google Earth is a fascinating tool and can be used in your classroom for just about anything! You can use it just like you would use a traditional globe or you can really get involved in it and make your own global tours.

My friend, and fellow TILT teacher, Mandy Bighorn just shared this link with me! It is a website that integrates Google Earth, Google Maps, Panoramia, and who knows what else! We will experiment with this by going to this site first! It is called VPike.

Because there is such a depth to Google Earth, I will have a lot of video resources available for you. Depending upon what you want to explore...there's a video for that!

First, here is a tutorial on the basics of Google Earth:

If you want to explore this fabulous tool in depth, I suggest you start here:
Discover Google Earth

Google Earth Product Tours

Learn Google Earth by playing this interactive game

Finally, Google Earth has its own channel on GoogleEarthVideoHelp

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