Feb 26, 2010

More Google Tools to Explore

Posted on Feb 25th, 2010 MacLife magazine highlighted Google tools we might not be aware of:

  1. News Timeline - search primary source documents
  2. Patents - see what patents are already out there before you start your invention
  3. In Quotes - takes 2 politicians and compares their quotes on different issues
  4. Moderator - a forum for questions, suggestions, communication about stuff
  5. City Tours - get a tour mapped and planned out for your next vacation
  6. Audio Indexing - see what politicians are saying about different topics
  7. Code Search - a reference tool for programmers
  8. Image Swirl - find similar images in a fun interface
  9. Fast Flip - have dozens of news resources displayed simultaneously
  10. Scholar - an amazing resource for educational research
  11. Product Search - comparison shopping at its best
  12. Trends - see what is trending on the web (based on hits per site)
  13. People Hopper - morphs the photos of one friend into another (from your Orkut account)
  14. Orkut - Google social network
Oh My!

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