Oct 18, 2010

iPad Users - How are YOU Using your iPad?

E-Book Reader
Word Processor
Email Device
TV & Movie Screen
News Reader
Time/Information Manager
Photo Editor
Game Center
Oh...Music Player

Well...that is how I use mine. How do you user yours?
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Deadline for this commenting opportunity is October 29th.


Lyndsay said...

Major League Baseball games
my 2 year old daughter has a coloring app that she loves!

Ms.Linda Horst said...

I'm actually hoping the prize is an i-pad although I know in my heart it isn't. Since I don't have one, let me tell you how I'd use one.
1) reading 2) checking email 3) play my favorite destressor game for the week - Cut the Rope 4) watching Ted Talks from my comfy chair 6) Enjoying my music 7) pictures 8) Actually use apps that are not usuable on my ipod touch but would work for an ipad (can't remember the name but found several that are on my wish list) 9) As a warm-up tool with students - with apps like NineGaps, Streaks, evernote, Quick Graph, PopMath, The Weather Channel,Remote, MathMaster, TouchCalc, SAT Vocab., and 10) If I really had one, I'd tell you another 10 but for now I 9 is all I can share. Who knows maybe Santa will have a great gift this year.

Ronda McManus said...

How great that this is opened up to iPod touch users! Can I give a shout out to the iPod touch users?!!

I do not have an iPad but I do have an iPod touch! Not sure I could live without it! It has saved me more than once. Here are a few ways I use my iPod touch:
*Password manager
*Grandchildren entertainer
*Husband entertainer
*Downloading Podcasts from Ted talks and Classroom 2.0 to listen to in the car

Some of my favorite Apps are:
*Free WIFI finder
*E-Reader both audio and written
*Free text
*Word search
*Weather Channel

**When the lights went out in a public bathroom and I used the flashlight to save all the women and children screaming in the bathroom!**

Grandchildren favorite Apps: (they use it in the car and grocery store and when I need time)
*Sheep lines
*Sunday lawn
*Memory Pro
*Cooking lite
*Angry Birds

I learned about my iPod in a TILT class and am grateful to those who shared their favorite Apps with me!

Sara Olsgaard said...

Well...the basics for how I use my iPod Touch.
*Pandora channels instead of CDs
*Checking email in pjs with coffee & couch
*Notes organize several To Do Lists at once
*White Noise when Osa takes naps at our house
*NetFlix: ordering movies
*Amazon Kindle: reading novels for book group
*This American Life: podcasts
*Ted Talks: podcasts
*The Weather Channel
*Doodle Buddy: fun
*Games Center: play games with sister in Seattle
*All American Recipes: quick find for a recipe
*Flip Share: Osa video channel
*Sudoku: fun
*Apps Store: searching for new and useful educational apps to use for our school iPod Touches.

Shelly Stanton said...

Well, my goodness! I don't have one but after reading these comments my husband might be getting one for Christmas :). I love the flashlight in the bathroom. I am thinking the coolest thing would be I could one day be rid of the post it notes of my "to dos" and "great ideas".

Kerra Olson said...

My two year old loves all the duck-moose apps. The itsy bitsy spider is our favorite right now. I just introduced the ipad to our kindergarteners and they love the 123 Counting App and the ABC app- it's just like magnets on the fridge. I am also using several Dr. Seuss books for kids to explore with- THEY LOVE THE IPAD! I personally like the recipe spin wheel- you enter the ingredients you have plus the time and it spins to give you corresponding recipes :-)

Mr. Phillips said...

Let me start by saying that when I purchased my iPad, I was somewhat skeptical at how I was going to use it and where it fit between the iPod and the laptop...Now I use it for almost everything. It has become my alarm clock (NightStand), my music player, my television when my wife is watching her reality TV (netflix). I also use it to keep up to date with all my social networks such as Twitter (TweetDeck) and Facebook. One of my favorite apps is FlipBoard, where I can read through twitter and facebook posts in a magazine type interface.I also use it to take notes and with PaperDesk you can also attach an audio recording of the lecture/meeting to go with your notes. I recently purchased PrintCentral and now with Dropbox, can print wirelessly to a wireless network printer...it can print anything! I am also using Google Forms to collect observation data and the iPad is an amazing tool coupled with a bluetooth keyboard for this purpose. Quick startup and small enough to stick under your arm to move to the next location. I am disappointed with the browser on the iPad...

tech4me said...

How do I use my iPad? Well - I don't have an iPad, but my iPod Touch has become my go-to gadget. So here goes
1) eBook Reader (Kindle App) of course 2) eMail - it's nice to be able to keep track of more than 1 email address in one place.
3) Track Pad (freaks the students out) 4) Browser 5)Ted Talks 6)follow my favorite Blogs 7) News Reader 8) Time Management (love the Notes and of course the calendar) 9)Cookbook 10) Music 11) Pandora 12)Weather (here and in Bozeman!) 13) Facebook 14)Random Name Generator 15) Podcasts 16) Flashlight (love it) 17) Level (yes, I've really used it!) 18) Weight Watchers 19) Point Calculator for Weight Watchers (very handy in the grocery store) 20) EZ Grader (no more worries when the cardboard one is left at school when grading papers at home) 21) a relaxing Koi Pond - complete with soothing sound 22) Games - got to have those! 23) and of course lets not forget all of the student research and student apps used on a regular basis in my classroom.
My list could probably go on and on as I discover new things that I can do with it - it is truly a piece of technology that has become a "tool" and not just a "toy".