Dec 12, 2010

SoundCloud Lets you Embed recorded or updated sound

Yuck by BPS TILT

This past weekend in Cadre, I was asked if you can take a podcast and embed it into your blog or website. I knew there were tools out there that let you record your voice and embed it, but I wasn't aware of any tools that would let you upload an existing audio file and embed it. After a very short time researching this topic, I found is a free tool that lets you record or upload sound files and then share them through a variety of avenues (Facebook, Twitter, blog, wiki, other websites). It took me under 5 minutes to set up an account.

I then went over to my iPad, downloaded the SoundCloud app, and recorded my first sound. Back to the SoundCloud website to get my embed code...and here I am!

I encourage you to try it. I think it could be a very valuable tool for your classroom.

Back to the discussion of embedding podcasts...copyright rules do apply, so technically speaking, you can take the podcast file that has been downloaded into your iTunes and upload it...ethically...I am not sure it would be a good idea to take a full episode of a podcast that you don't own and embed it into your website.

Happy Exploring!


Ronda McManus said...

Can't wait to try it and share it!

David said...

Hi Desiree! Thank you for the nice post and I'm glad you've found it to be of value for your work.

Let me know when you start using it for your projects as it sure sounds like an interesting use case we'd love to hear more about.

Thanks again!

SoundCloud Community Manager