Jan 3, 2011

Glogster is the new Poster

If you have not explored this tool yet, be prepared to spend WAY TOO MUCH time having fun. This cool tool is exactly what you need when you want to transition from the old poster creation activity. There is even an education version! You can set up student accounts and monitor all the "Glogsters" that your students create.

Check out this great tutorial to get you started, or help you if you get stuck along the way!


Angie G said...

This was something that I was able to share with many people back at school and they loved it! My next goal is to get the kids working on a project as well! Thanks for the info and time last TILT! Angie G

Stanton said...

I also think glogster is great. I have to admit I am a bigger fan of middlespot but Glogster is way more fun to grade than a normal poster. Students in my frosh class last semester used glogster as a get to know one another activity and then they embedded them on their google site. They create things that are so amazing.

Alissa said...

I do enjoy using glogster. I have created glogs for exploring the different states. I am going to allow the students to read each glog in a "discovery center" format. Here is a sample of some of the glogs. The students are also going to create their own glogs on the state of Montana. http://aacox.edu.glogster.com/montana/

Ann Brucker said...

Glogster is one of my favorite tools. I love the "funkiness" of the elements, and the fact that you can include video, photos, text, and moving images (arrows, etc). We made a Glogster last year and sent it as a Thank You for a guest presenter who had come to school. We added pictures of the kids engaged in the activity, a video of them telling him what they had learned, and some text snippets from the presentation. Fun to make, fun to send, fun to receive!

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