Apr 28, 2011

What's New With Google

Google has made some changes that I think you will be happy about. Some of the changes are minimal but really make life nicer in the cloud.

Below I have listed a few key updates from Google:

 Upload images in Google Spreadsheets: You can now insert images into your spreadsheets. Those boring documents with data, data and more data just got...well...more interesting. Check out the Insert menu to see the image option.

New Fonts in Google Sites: Sites now has over 100 new web fonts! Woot! Woot! These aren't boring fonts either. If you go to Manage Site and click on Colors and Fonts, you will see that you can select a custom font (see image below).

Upload Improvement: Now you can upload full contents of folders (including enclosed folders). Chrome is ready to use this tool right out of the...cloud, but you will need to install a piece of software to use the feature in Safari or Firefox. Google has also improved the entire upload process so that it is easier to manage your uploads...whether converting or not.

Pagination in Google Docs: Now you can see where your page breaks are! What a small, but so important improvement! You can take advantage of the Paginated view or if you prefer, stay with the Compact view. Just change your settings under View > Document View.


Ronda McManus said...

Love these new additions. Google always seems to listen to what we want! Have you tried Google's new Picnik. I have been using it for some interesting effects to photos.
Thanks Desiree for the update!

Desiree Caskey said...

I LOVE picnik! I am glad Google acquired it because now I can get to it from my account!! You're right Ronda, Google does seem to listen and make improvements...I really like that.

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