May 27, 2011

My Favorite Apps for the iPad

As promised from my My New Favorite Toy...and a few other "Must Haves"! post, here is a list of just some of my favorite apps for the iPad. There are so many apps for education that it is hard to keep the list short. I decided to categorize them for easy researching. As you can see, I am going to post a collection and highlight one or two from that collection.

iTalk Recorder ($1.99) lets you quickly record and store dictations. Great for recording interviews, quick notes and readings.

PrintDirect ($9.99) - you can print your emails for free, but if you want to print web pages documents or other items, you have to pay.

Alternative printing solution: Download Airprint Activator onto your computer and it turns on the Airprint feature for all printers. I installed this application on my Mac that I don't have synced with my iPad, launched it and printed immediately from my iPad. Easy-Peasy!

TIME Magazine (free) - It's TIME magazine, need I say more?

Flipboard (free) - this is a social magazine that lets you add your favorite news sources. Great interface!

NPR (free) - I am an NPR junky and this app feeds my addiction.

ABC News (free) - I really like the fun (globe) interface of this app.

And now, KTVQ has two new apps for you. The 1st is a news and and the 2nd is a weather tracker app. Way to go KTVQ!

Classroom Tools:

Presentation Timer (free) - this is the perfect tool for teachers. When you provide a timed activity, just start this puppy up and display it so your students can see how much time is left. Huge display is great for the classroom to view.

 Rowmote ($4.99) - this tool turns your iPad into a remote control device, a track pad, keyboard. Easily control your computer from anywhere in the classroom.

Social Tools:

Audioboo (free) - I love when students record their voices! This tool is one of my favorites. I use it to read text and then post that online.

Twitterrific (free) - Twitter is a tool I use constantly to share news and tools. I also follow some pretty neat individuals. This tools lets me do that easily.


MyPad (free) - Interface for Facebook. I really like the way this app presents the information.


Dropbox (free) - online file storage has been made sooo easy with this nice app.

Evernote (free) - manage your life with this great tool. Collect notes, images, sites, audio name it. AND keep them all collected in neat and tidy notebooks.

Google Calendar Client ($6.99) - I can manage my personal and professional time with this app. My complete Google calendar is at my fingertips!

Pages ($9.99) - this word processing tool is just like the desktop version of Apple's Pages.

Keynote ($9.99) - I love making presentations and Keynote is a great tool! 

Books & Reading: 

Kindle (free) - I bought a Kindle the day they came out. I gave that to my sister the day the Kindle app became available. :O)

iBooks (free) - I always get iTunes gift cards and am a voracious reader. A match made in heaven. 

Nook (free) - I know! already highlighted two different book collection apps, but honestly each of these offers a ton of free books and each offers a bit different list. I can also help my mom figure out her new Nook.

Interactive Books (free) - I have downloaded as many interactive books as I can find. These are great for kids of all ages to involve them more in the reading process.

More Apps!
I have a ton more apps on my iPad... apps for math, science, phonics, maps, music, photography, and games.  You really can find an app for almost any need in your life. What apps do you have on your ipad or ipod?

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Alison said...

Thanks for the list! I have so many favorite apps that I wouldn't know where to begin in making a list, but I do know that my most favorite app comes from my TV provider/employer DISH Network and lets me watch all my subscribed programming live or recorded via my iPad anywhere I go in the world on 3G or WiFi. It's called DISH Remote Access, which is a free download, but it does require a Sling Adapter hooked up to your DISH Network services. I got my adapter for $99, but DISH has a deal going on right now that those who purchase one now can get a $99 prepaid gift card back after rebate. It's a pretty sweet deal, check it out :)