Aug 16, 2011

My Favorite Tools

As I am preparing for a "Digital Shootout" at the Poplar Technology conference, I think it would be wise to list them somewhere - kind of like a cheat sheet...but to hopefully help you as well. I have put them into categories to help me organize and hopefully help you as well. Explore the ones you aren't familiar with and comment and add your own favorites!

Disclaimer: I think it is important to say that there are about 5 tools for every 1 purpose. I recommend you don't strap yourself to one specific tool - you never know when it will be gone.

Web 2.0 Tools:
Evernote - Information Organizer
Evernote lets you capture, record, save, create information from practically any source into notebooks. You can record audio, upload images, capture websites, type notes....

ShowBeyond - Tell Your Story
"Showbeyond is a multimedia slidecast creator, online publishing platform, and story sharing community. With Showbeyond, you can easily grab your images, then add your sound and text to create multimedia stories. Now you can share your stories with friends or post to blogs and social networking sites!"

UStream - Broadcast Your Events
UStream allows you to create your own channel and broadcast live or recorded video feeds.

SoundCloud or AudioBoo - Record and Publish Audio
SoundCloud and Audioboo both allow you to record your voice and save it to a channel or embed it into your website. Great for encouraging reading.

Prezi - Unique Presentation Creator
Prezi is a web-based presentation and storytelling tool that uses a single canvas instead of traditional slides. Although it can be a bit confusing for linear thinkers to is worth the time to explore.

Picnik - Online Photo Editor
Picnik technically belongs to Google now but deserves a mention by itself. I use this all the time to clean, crop, and decorate images before I share them.

Protagonize - Online Writing Community
Not only can you read, create and share stories...but if you want, you can collaboratively write too! 

Popplet - Online Social Graphic Organizer
Collaborate with colleagues to create a visual organization of thoughts and ideas. 

Wallwisher Collaboration Site
Wallwisher uses sticky notes on a wall to let you communicate with others. Build a wall and send out the web address to get others to participate.

Stixy - Creation & Collaboration Site
Stixy is similar to wallwisher but you add widgets by dragging them to your "Stixy Board." You can add photos, upload documents, and more. You can also share with a select group of people or create a public Stixy Board.

Online Tools:
TinyURL - URL Shortner
Edmodo or - Educational social network tools
Weebly - EASY to use website creator
SlideShare - Online presentation and documentation sharing
Anything Google - research, shopping, mail, docs, news, photos, blogs...the kitchen sink
SuperTeacherTools - I love the random name generator, but there are other essential tools here.
Image Mosaic Creator - You need a ton of images but this tool makes an image out of all your other images. So neat!

Apps(these are from my ipad):
A lot of my favorite Web 2.0 tools are now apps so I didn't repeat them here
FlipBoard - view collections of news and information feeds through one (easy to navigate) app
G-Whizz! - a lot of your Google tools in one app
Blogsy - a cool way to create and edit posts to your blogs
TabletScanner - scan and organize documents on your mobile device
Side by Side - web browser that gives you two windows at once
Diigo Browser - I know...a web browser, but I really like it (did I mention I am not a Safari fan?)
Rowmote Pro - an amazing tool that lets you control EVERYTHING on your computer
PresenTimer (search Presentation Timer) - a nice, big, ad-free timer
iPicEd - a great photo editing tool

Browser Extensions:
SimplyBox - social bookmarking tool that is great for younger students to use (more visual)
Delicious Shorcuts- I love the time I can save by having this extension at my fingertips
Evernote - See Delicious comment
Google Shortcuts - this customizable extension makes it so that I don't have to use iGoogle as my homepage.
Easy YouTube Video Downloader - of all the tools I use, this is my favorite! It puts a new button in your YouTube window for downloading any YouTube video.
Shorten URL - lets you right-click on any URL in your browser window and 1)shorten it then 2) copy it to your clipboard
Aviary - lets you capture your screen and gives you a variety of saving options

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Mrs. Meyer said...

Thanks Desiree. These are so great! It is nice to see the explanation of each one - sometimes when not using them regularly, it is hard to explain it to someone else.