Aug 22, 2012

Setting up an Innovative Environment...Make Room for all the Toys...errr...Tools!

As Courtney and I were planning for the influx of technology into her new kindergarten classroom this summer, we wanted to make sure that we were thoughtful about placement of equipment, tools and learning centers. We started by taking a series of pictures of her room to get a feel for where things might best fit for optimal learning and optimal access to tools. Below is a series of shots I took with my iPhone, then used an app called Photo Slideshow Pro to create a view of the classroom BEFORE the technology.

Courtney and I talked about how she wanted to lay out her room. This video is a conversation we had as she brainstormed how to best arrange the learning environment.

In this video, Courtney is explaining one of her objectives and we are trying to figure out what technology best meets that objective for her students.

OOH! Things are starting to arrive!

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