Oct 16, 2012

A Different Way to Use Mimio Votes

When you think of classroom response systems, you might picture students sitting at their desks waiting for prompts from the teacher before entering in their answers on the little device. But Jamie Jarvis from Lewis & Clark used the Mimio Vote classroom response systems in a unique way this week. He used them is a treasure hunt style activity that took his students around to different stations throughout his classroom. They used a self-paced quiz to input their answers after reviewing information at each stop.

This picture is of a Mapping Lab over the United States and Canada.  Students were paired up, and moved around the room the entire class period.  They were working on layering geographic information, and applying the steps of the geographic inquiry process.  Through the activity, students are tasked with solving 10 geographic challenges dealing with the U.S. & Canada.  

Rather than writing out the information and then taking at least two days to correct everything....students get instant feedback....Jamie stated, "I also get instant feedback from a teaching perspective....it's great!"

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