Apr 17, 2013

Want to start a hangout? There are several ways...

Google Hangout is an incredible tool to reach out to multiple locations when you need to share and collaborate - but can't get everyone to come together in one location. There are several ways to start a Google Hangout, but here are a few of the easiest ways I know:

1. Create an event on your calendar:
Click on Edit event to add more event details, invite others and add a hangout

Select Add A Hangout:
Once you name your event and invite others, make sure you fill out all the necessary details, then click on Add a Google + Hangout

Click Save

The people you invite will receive an email with the invitation. Just like a face-to-face meeting, they should accept or decline. Once they accept, you will receive an email stating such (see image below).

One thing is for sure, Google gives you numerous ways to initiate and join the hangout once it is time. You can go to your Google + page and click on start a Hangout, you can go to your calendar event and click on join the Hangout in the event details, you can go back to the invitation and click on join the Hangout...


2. Invite people to Hangout directly from Google +:

  • Click Start a Hangout at the top right side of your Google+ window.
  • Add entire circles or just the individuals that you want to Hangout with.
  • Name the Hangout
  • Click Hangout to start the Hangout and send notifications to the people you chose.

One cool thing you can do from this window is enable Hangouts on air...this broadcasts the Hangout through your YouTube channel. You then have an archive of the meeting for those who couldn't attend. 

Just make sure you have a few things prepared before you start a Hangout or join one. You must be a Google+ user to join a hangout. If a guest to an event with a hangout is not currently a Google+ user, they'll see a suggestion to sign up for Google+. You need to test your mic and video camera before you start the Hangout, You can do this by.......

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