Nov 3, 2013

Using Google Doc Story Builder in TILT Staff Development

This past week in my TILT (Teachers Integrating & Learning Technology) staff development program, I had teachers use Google Doc Story Builder in an opening activity. Each teacher had to create a dialog that involved technology (some forgot that parameter, which is okay).  Once we shared our stories, we debriefed this activity by brainstorming ways we could use this tool, either in a teacher directed or student centered activity.

Some ideas we came up with:
  1. Introduce a concept prior to starting a lesson
  2. Have dialogue between characters in a story - prediction
  3. Have dialogue between characters in a story - change the plot
  4. Add parts of speech into a given sentence to enhance its flavor
  5. Dialog between geometric shapes 
  6. Providing steps in a process
  7. Bringing science or math objects to life to explain their purpose
  8. Review of a concept prior to a quiz or test
The teachers had a lot of fun experimenting with this tool. Check out some their work:

Check out Google Doc Story Builder and share your story with us! 

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