Oct 5, 2008

Are YOU Paying Attention?

The first three responders to this post, will receive a prize! So, how do you respond? Answer a couple of questions:
1) What gadgets have you added to your iGoogle home page?
2) What RSS feeds have you subscribed to?
3) Have you used your iGoogle home page in your classroom? How?


Ann Brucker said...

1-My favorite newly-added gadget is a word of the day feed from "definr"- and to avoid avoirdupois (look it up!), I have added some Weight Watchers gadgets, like a recipe feed and a points calculator.
2-The Gazette is feeding me captivating news stories daily, and I have found that's enough for now!
3-iGoogle page... well, not so much in my classroom, because I've been concentrating too much on the *(&$ blog I started. I added a tab, though, so I could start listing my links of sites I commonly visit, and new ones I've discovered.

Roger D. said...

1. My favorite new gadget is the itunes free download program. It tells you when there new downloads on itunes that are available for free.

2. I am subscribed to the Billings Gazette and CNN.

3. I have not used my iGoogle home page in my classroom.


GrlGeek said...

This doesn't count toward the prize as I am exempt. :v)
1. My favorite newly added gadget is "MyToDo List" - not I have it where ever I go.
2. I recently subscribed to BPSTilt because I always forget to check for something new and exciting, and now I see it instantly. I also subscribe to David Alison's blog about switching from Windows to a Macintosh.
3. I don't have a classroom, but yes I use it in my office everyday!

tech4me said...

1. My favorite gadget is my timer and yes I use it with my classes!! They think it is pretty neat to watch.
2. I subscribe to about 4 blogs and I find that it really keeps me up to date on what's happening in tech world. I also have CNN and the Gazette.
3. I have used my iGoggle homepage with the timer and also the google bookmark gadget. I use the bookmark gadget as a quick tool to keep the bookmarks I will be using with my class handy. It saves time when compared to using my extensive delicious bookmarks!

Misty Bearfield said...

1. My favorite gadget is the Fact gadget. I like to read them and see if there are any I would like to share with my students.
2. I am subscribed to the Gazette, Discovery News, and Emerging Technology is Education!
3. I have not used my iGoogle home page except for the Fact gadget.

Misty :)

WYCarlin said...

I added the online stopwatch and used it to time out Boggle games today.

I subscribed to the Daily Show and Colbert Report and feel like I have too much to look at.

As said above, the stopwatch is great for the classroom.

Jody Albarez said...

1)iGoogle gadgets: Weather, Calendar, Quote of the Day, Word of the Day, Top News Stories, CNN, Fox News, ESPN, Finance Portfolio.

2)Too many!!

3)No, but what a great idea!

Dorie said...

Ah..., I missed the prize.

This is what I have on my i-Google pages that I like the best: online-stopwatch, my del.icio.us, youtube videos featuring Common Craft, my count-down to Christmas calendar--which I love, world clocks so I know what time it is in Germany (where my daughter lives), and nothing beats my fish aquarium.

For my RSS feeds: I am enjoying bpstiltblog which lets me know whenever a new post comes up (a-ha!--next time I will know when there is a new post for a prize); my favorite news channel, Discovery, National Geographic, and the Billings Gazette for local headlines.

As for how I am using this in my classroom, I am easing in as my students have use of my del.icio.us bookmarks to find pages easily (on my class website). They love the stopwatch. Also, I am preparing tabs for content areas to store for quick reference.

It's good to read how others are using i-Google. Lots of great ideas and sharing.