Oct 21, 2008

Learning to Change...Changing to Learn


Joy said...

Great clip. Thanks for sharing.

tech4me said...

I want to share this with teachers - and yet I can just hear the "but what about the test's? What about No Child Left Behind"..... how do we get people to understand that this is important and what we should be trying to accomplish?

Mrs. Newell said...

These are exciting and scary thoughts in terms of the classroom!

Desiree Caskey said...

I think those are good question to ask...I do believe that teaching students how to think critically, how to solve problems, and how to communicate their findings as well as opinions, will not only make them better, productive citizens...but I also think it will help them with the test.

Many of the tools that we use when we integrate technology - use web 2.0 - are the tools that are helping students retain information, are motivating them to learn more, and are providing them with more information than ever before.

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