Nov 4, 2008

Integrating Technology - For Future Teachers

Sue Robinson, who teaches World History at Senior High asked me to speak to her students in her Methods class at MSU-Billings. I am so excited about this opportunity to speak to future teachers about how the classrooms of today are emerging into classrooms for the 21st Century. I have thought about all of the things I could talk to them about...and realized I could TEACH a FULL SEMESTER on effectively integrating technology. So, I needed to decide what I would share with them - what are some of the important points I can share. I came up with 3 main ideas:

1st : Why Integrate Technology?
The face of education is changing...traditional education does not apply to future citizens. There is an immense disconnect between what educators and students believe is happening on this front.

Industry has collaborated with education
- The outcome: 21st Century Learning Skills
What do these have in common? Watch...this is a part of your job as a teacher.

2nd: How Do We Integrate Technology?
  • Putting technology into the hands of teachers or students is not enough.
  • Using Research-Based Approaches - Classroom Instruction that Works
  • Don't ask how can I use technology. Ask what tool best fits this lesson.

3rd: The Change is Happening. Look Around You

Resources For You:
Lesson Plans
Classroom Ideas
Curriculum Hotspots
Resources for Different Classrooms/Grades

TILT Teachers - please feel free to add more ideas and resources for these future teachers!


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