Jan 3, 2011

Use Simplybox to create a collection of sites

If you want your students to research on the web, but only want them to visit certain sites, Simplybox is the tool for you. This is an easy to use tool that can be very valuable. One note of caution, the commenting option can't be turned off yet so students have been known to use this as a chat tool. The company has been contacted asking to make commenting an option.

This is a tool I use to teach Word/Tag Cloud tools:


Stanton said...

Simplybox has been a great tool that I have been able to incorporate in my classes. Just last week in class we were going to do a wordle as a "brain dump" and I thought man I have access to a simplybox with a variety of word cloud tools...why not let them pick which tool to use. It was neat to see which tools they picked because they had access to a simplybox as well as the discussion that occurred..."I don't like this one, or you should try this or what's a beta"....Excellent learning above just a wordle :)

Stanton said...

Oh the other cool thing I love about Simplybox is that as I am exploring on the Internet I can simplybox great sites or ideas. Right now I have a simply box of "ice breakers"....I don't have time to narrow things down right now but at least I have them store for when do have time...thanks for teaching me this great tool

Ann Brucker said...

I have found it really handy to be able to go back and access the boxes I created for my probability unit in math last year. I realized that this is not just a useful tool for collecting sites for my students, but it has become a useful "bookmarking" tool for me!

Mrs. N said...

I have a friend that is a new, younger teacher and she moved classrooms this year. She got rid of her file cabinet. I thought she was crazy. She told me, "Aren't file cabinets kind of old school?" First I was offended. When did I turn into middle aged guy? Then I was jealous. She moved her files in her pocket...a couple of flash drives. When I moved, my files alone took a truck. Perhaps Simplybox is a step towards not being so old school. I have my account set up! Here I go!

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