Jan 3, 2011

SnagLearning brings documentaries to the classroom

Bringing videos into the classroom with SnagLearning

Straight from the site: SnagLearning features carefully selected films from SnagFilms’ award-winning library of over 1,600 documentaries that are appropriate for students from middle school and up. Our titles cover nearly every classroom subject and many are produced by well-known educational sources, including PBS and National Geographic. The goal of this site is to highlight documentaries that make for engaging educational tools. We will also feature guest teacher bloggers as well as special programming stunts like Q&As with the filmmakers.

Teachers can submit and share their own lesson plans, quizzes and homework ideas with fellow educators. The commenting area on each film page functions as public forum to share and discuss.

New films are added to this site each week so you might want to bookmark this resource. I like that you can explore by subject, grade level or go to a specific channel (like PBS or National Geographic).

Each video lists the subject and grade level for which it has been cataloged so you can be sure you are using a valuable one.


Mrs. Meyer said...

This is one mentioned by several of the Techie Teachers, but I've not seen it before. I'm excited to try it in the library - sometimes looking for just the right thing on Youtube or some other site is cumbersome. Knowing the right one to use and having immediate access to it is perfect!

Stanton said...

This looks awesome and I can see how it would be a wonderful tool for the library or any curricular area. I also am going to use this as a resource when looking for relevant financial clips....also maybe if I share this with my history teacher hubby he will spend less wasted time on the computer and more time being romantic with.

Anonymous said...

As I perused this site, I had to catch myself because I was not staying on task! I clicked on various videos and then had a hard time tearing myself away from them. They are well done and interesting! I did wonder about appropriateness for students still in elementary, though, on some of the concepts covered. Some may be a little intense?? Great site!