Jan 20, 2011

Open House with a Cause

Each year my husband and I host an event called Open House with a Cause. We solicit donations from local artists and artisans, crafters and collectors alike. Then we open our home for an afternoon/evening and sell all the items...and accept cash donations! 100% of the proceeds go to a person or family in our community that has a financial need. This year we are honored to serve a young mom and her four children. We hope you can help us ease the burden for this family by donating something for the event or attending and buying something!


Stanton said...

I hope this went well...it's awesome that you do this just to help others.

Mrs. Meyer said...

What an incredible event. Such an uplifting event; a great way to reach out and help someone else. Thank you for letting us participate in some small way, and experience a bit of your generosity.

Angie G said...

Thank you Caskee's for making a difference...such an absolutely wonderful thing you have done. :)

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