Feb 3, 2011

Using Middlespot as a Learning Environment

Next week I will be presenting on video resources other than YouTube to a group of high school teachers. I wanted an easy place to collect these resources so I chose Middlespot...a bulletin type tool that lets you add websites, videos, text, upload documents, audio...and more...then share the site for users to access.

This Middlespot mashup is just websites, but it gives you an idea of how you could collect resources to share with your students. They do not need an account to access it, you just need to give them the web address:


Stanton said...

I love middlespot and have used it in my tech essentials class for a variety of things. One was an end of the semester digital portfolio. They loaded all their best creations form the semester including an animoto, voki, resume, cover letter and much more. The kids loved it and it was the best year end project I have ever done. My fav thing about middle spot is that documents can also be loaded unlike glogster. I can see how in an English class this would be an awesome project for a research paper.

Alissa said...

Great idea! From your example, I can foresee using middlespot as a vessel for my fourth graders to use as a presentation for their projects we do in class. Much thanks for you idea!

Ann Brucker said...

Middlespot would be a really nice tool to use as a digital portfolio for our TILT end-of-the-year project. I like that you can include images, video, text, etc.

Anonymous said...

I am currently using Middlespot to show my students the various kinds of sites they can use to research the explorer they are to become and expert on. I also love the idea of using Middle Spot for my digital portfolio for the end of this first phase of TILT because I can embed different media types within and am not limited to one. It allows me to be creative and unlimited in what I showcase.