Feb 7, 2011

vocaroo example

Today in TILT, we are learning about tools that let you create audio recordings. We are looking at Odiogo...which reads your blog posts out loud. We are also exploring Sound Cloud to record and save audio recordings and Vocaroo which allows you to record your voice as well.

Sound Cloud lets you save all your recordings into a dashboard so that you can access them at anytime. You must create an account to use Sound Cloud.

Vocaroo lets you record and get the sound immediately to embed into your publishing tool, like a blog or wiki. You do not need to create an account to use Vocaroo.

Here is an example of a Vocaroo recording:


Stanton said...

Ohh this is cool. I hope that we have time to learn this in cadre or HS tilt. It would be great for radio commercials in marketing. Although Garage Band on this Mac is sweet too.

Ann Brucker said...

I use Vocaroo in my class every day. Each morning, a student records the Word of the Day and we add it to our blog as a pronunciation guide. If a student is absent, he can access the blog at any time, from home or school, and hear how the word is pronounced... especially helpful for for words like "ubiquitous."

Angie G said...

I have to admit that I have used Ann's on her blog (Vocaroo), but have never used it in my own blog. I would love to learn more about it. Also, I am wondering if it could be incorporated into recordings from the document cameras?

Mrs. N said...

I love Ann's use of Vocaroo for vocabulary. I would like to do something similar with TextTalk and SoundCloud. It would be awesome for kids to be able to access our class vocabulary routine from home on our class blog. Further, the end of each TextTalk unit has a short quiz. I was thinking I could use SoundCloud to read the quiz to my primary students. They could listen to a review and take the quiz on ipods. It would make a marvelous center and constant vocabulary review. It will be a lot of work the first time through but with SoundCloud I will be able to access it every year. Any teachers with TextTalk Kit B? We could work together and share! Half the work, twice the benefit.

Angie G said...

Mrs. N!
I like the idea of the reinforcement for vocabulary and using it in centers! My students would love making their own Vocaroo and then sharing with others. Could you tell me about TextTalk?

Mrs. N said...

Hi Angie. Text talk is a K-3 program written by Isabella Beck. It is fabulous. It builds vocabulary through read alouds. It is very complete and really well thought out. The whole district has it as a second grade program, I talked my principal into buying it for first. I'm not sure if there is something similar for fourth grade. I know the best "researchers" for academic vocabulary building include Beck, Anita Archer, and Kevin Feldman. Perhaps they have something for your grade level.

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