Dec 14, 2011

iPad Apps for Personal Finance

I have been reporting about my iPad training at West High and gave you a list of Apps I shared with the teachers.  In that post, I focused a section on science apps. I worked with science, business and family consumer science teachers so I thought this post I would bring you some of the Apps I showed specifically for Personal Finance.

Here are some of the Apps I shared with the business teachers for personal finance:
E*Trade Mobile: The large iPad screen makes it easier to track real-time quotes, evaluate your investments, and keep up with the top financial news of the day.

Bloomberg LP: This App delivers news, market data, charts, feeds, and multimedia content, in a simple and intuitive interface.

Kayak: Use this App to plan a vacation, visit or trip. It lets you search the best deals for flights and hotels.

Wall Street Journal: Access live news programming for the latest markets, tech and opinion areas. Manage your money, budgets, expenses etc.

Pageonce: Automatically track and pay your bills in one simple App

PowerOne Finance Calculator: combines an algebraic and RPN calculator with simple, customizable, spreadsheet-like templates, giving you hundreds to choose from. Create your own, keep a history and share with others.

Money Me Lite: This application helps you determine your loan option if you are looking to purchase a car or a home, for example. Correctly, choosing the right loan can save you a lot of money over the length of the loan.

TaxCaster: This App by TurboTax is a free tax refund calculator to estimate your tax refund.

Business teachers out there, please share your favorite Apps by commenting on this blog post.

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