Jan 12, 2012

iPad Apps for Family Consumer Science

As you know, I have been highlighting apps that I have been sharing when doing training on the iPad. My sessions of "Using the iPad for Teaching & Learning" have been a blast. I recently spent some time with Family Consumer Science teachers and shared some specific Apps with them. Here is a short list:

Allrecipes: This App uses a Dinner Spinner approach! It is filled with easy and quick recipes. You can choose by dish type, ingredients or "ready in" time. You shake your iPad for ideas.

AllRecipes: Notice the small difference in the name of these two apps. This app is more like an encyclopedia of recipes. This is great for members of AllRecipes. You get feedback on the different recipes that have been shared with variation ideas.

MyNetDiary: This is a calorie counter that is fast and easy to use with a huge list of foods to choose from. This app provides you with everything you need to start a weight-loss plan. It lets you track your progress through calorie in-take, exercise, water consumption, measurement history...and more. This comprehensive app will teach you about caloric management through food tracking, exercise, and planning.

MyFood: This app provides complete nutrition data for hundreds of foods. It also includes serving size for each food.

Nutrition FactsNutrition Fact helps you learn about nutrients, and helps you analyze your own diet and food choices.

Consumer Recalls: This app updates constantly on recalls for every consumer product. You can filter by "Child", "Household", "Outdoor", or "Sports."

Epicurious: This award-winning app provides you with over 30,000 recipes and lets you create shopping lists, and share information with friends. If you are a member of the Epicurious site, you can see reviews from other members as well.

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