Apr 15, 2012

PhotoSync App just made my life easier

Screenshot from PhotoSync site
I take pictures on my iPhone and on my iPad that I want to transfer to my computer. I don't like to connect my devices directly to my laptop or desktop because I don't sync my devices with any computer if I can help it...connecting them guarantees I will make a mess of my iTunes account or my device...or both.

After doing a little research, I found PHOTOSYNC, a photo and video transfer program that lets you transfer your media files between devices and/or computers...not just the computer that you have synced with your device, but any computer (Mac or PC).

I have a large collection of media files from all of my classroom observations, so I downloaded PHOTOSYNC onto my iPhone ($1.99) and installed it on my MacBook Pro - Lion (FREE). What an easy program to use!! All I do is launch the application on my computer...like a server, and go to my media files on my iPhone (Camera Roll). I can transfer a few or all of my files with one touch. As long as the server is running on my computer, my phone sees it and transfers the desired files over wifi.

This is one of those apps I am going to LOVE!

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