May 14, 2012

What's New? Insta Grok

I mentioned this tool to a group of teachers in my TILT staff development program, but I think it is worth sharing out there with everyone. This revolutionary search engine combines key facts, websites, videos, images, quizzes and other resources related to a search topic. Your results are conceptually mapped out for you, with the ability to personalize your content (when you create a free account). If you click on any of the circles in your search results, that will branch off to other terms to explore as well. You have a pin tool that lets you add specific content to your search graph and you can delete content too. One of the cool things about InstaGrok is you can set the complexity level (represented by ABC on one end and Einstein on the other).  Here is an example search on "Water Cycle" with the complexity level at medium.

1. I did a search for water cycle, then clicked on the pin for several key facts to add them to my graph.
2. I then clicked on a subcategory (rain) and added a video related to that subcategory (see updated graph below).

I am able to go through each of the search categories (like key facts and videos) and add what I find important to my graph. Once I have collected what I think is important, I can flip over to the Journal and actually write up information in my own words.

When I have completed my editing, I can then email or print the journal. There are also other sharing options like Facebook and Twitter posting. 

Every search is saved into a history so I can always come back and view or edit my search projects.

visit InstaGrok and create an account! I Think you will find it to be a great tool.

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