Jun 13, 2012

Apps To Explore - List Makers!

We are all busy trying to keep track of everything going on in our lives...if we have children, it gets harder and harder to keep all the events and activities straight. The iPad has a handful of really good apps for making lists and reminders.

Errands To Do List:
Errands is a FREE full-featured app that is easy to use and well-designed. This app allows you to create folders for organizing the types of tasks you have, lets you set schedules with reminders, and keep a calendar. This is by far the most comprehensive app for keeping track of all the events and lists in your life.

RTM - Remember the Milk:
RTM has been around for awhile so if you are familiar with it, why not add it to your iPad. This app is available for multiple devices and has a web-based version so no matter where you are you can keep track of your lists. Set due dates, get reminders, and get organized with this popular app. Oh...RTM is FREE too.

The iPad has a built-in task manager in the app Reminders. Though not as comprehensive as the previous apps mentioned, this one is already there for you! No need to download anything new. It also has the ability to schedule tasks and get reminders. You can set a priority level and view a calendar as well. This very straight-forward app might be just the ticket for most user's needs.

There are many different apps to keep track of all the lists, tasks and errands. If you are trying to find one, try searching under the different names (lists, tasks, errands...) until you find the one that works for you.

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