Jun 3, 2012

A Review of Photo Editing Apps

  • Easy to use
  • Many creative features
  • Integrates beautifully with the iPad
  • FREE

Take even the most drab of pictures and turn it into a masterpiece! Snapseed is one of those apps that you open and immediately know what to do...never mind that with every step, the app tells you what to do! You can make basic adjustments or work with advanced editing tools. Some basic features are cropping, rotate or straighten, and auto correct. Get creative by using frames, center focus (my favorite), or special effects filters. Here is a picture I took, then did a little creative work. I cropped to put more of the focus on the flower, then used the drama filter and center focus filter. This made colors more vibrant and put the focus on a designated area of the photo. Finally, I added a frame to finish it off:

  • Reduce noise on those grainy shots
  • Add decorative borders
  • Large collection of filters & effects
  • Connected to your online account
  • FREE

If you like to use tools that have both a device and online version...then Photoshop Express is definitely worth a look. I have used the free online Photoshop Express for quite awhile, so when Adobe created an ipad version, I was thrilled. I used this tool recently to create some themed pictures. With the online version you can add stickers, text, borders and more.  Here is one of the pictures I created on my ipad...very simple, but gives you and idea of what you can do. I took a basic picture of a building and increased the saturation, then added a white glow filter...interesting effect.

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