May 14, 2013

Receive an iPad as a classroom grant?? Information you want to know!

Congratulations to those of you who received an iPad through the Education Foundation classroom grants! What an exciting adventure you and your students are in for!! I thought it might help you to have a few hints and resources to get you going: 

1. CREDIT CARD:      Unless you want to pay for apps yourself, do not register your Apple ID with a credit card. Here are instructions for setting up an Apple account without associating a credit card.  These instructions are also good if you already have an existing account.

2. CONNECTING IPAD TO A COMPUTER - CHOOSE CAREFULLY:       Before I say anything more, I want to tell you I have one iPad and I don't connect it to my computer to sync information. I only connect it rarely to back it up. Okay...You can manage your iPad without connecting it to a computer, but you may want to connect it to back it up, or if you have purchased more than 1 iPad and want to sync all apps quickly. Once you connect your iPad to a computer, it is attached to that computer and you can't connect it to another one without having to reset it. If you decide you want to sync your iPad with a computer, you can follow these instructions to complete the task.

3. WHAT ACCESSORIES TO BUY:     There are so many covers, stylus choices, can you even get started? I have put together a list of all accessories that I would recommend.

Projection to Model - this connects your iPad to your projector (here are some options)
  • -ReflectorApp (installs onto your computer) $15
  • -AirServer … (installs onto your computer) $14.99 (discounts for qty purchase)
  • -VGA Adapter... $30 (my least favorite way to project)
  • -Apple TV... $99 (need an HDMI cable too...about $30)

4. WHAT APPS TO BUY: You could spend a lifetime looking for apps. Here is a guide that shows you how to navigate the iTunes store and shows you what apps I have on my iPad. 

Finally, here is a guide for using the iPad I put together.

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